How To Clean Tarnished Silver Quickly And Safely

how to clean tarnished silver

If you don’t own any silver jewelry, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Silver is one of the most popular precious metals out there. While it’s not nearly as attractive as gold, it’s used extensively in the creation of bracelets, necklaces and other forms of jewelry. However, […] Read more »

How To Clean Suede Couch And Cushions The Safe Way

how to clean suede couch

It’s hard to match the beauty of a suede couch with other popular materials. Your couch made out of suede probably looks sophisticated and suave. However, it won’t look this way forever, and this is especially true if you don’t maintain it. You’ll need to take steps to keep it […] Read more »

Dishwasher Not Cleaning – Find Out Why And How To Fix

dishwasher not cleaning

If you’re dishwasher is not cleaning, then you’re probably having a really difficult time getting your dishes cleaned. For large families, this can be especially annoying! You could be dealing with a simple problem that you can fix alone, or you might need professional repair services. The good news is […] Read more »

How To Clean Mold From Showers, Wood, Walls And More

how to clean mold

It would be an understatement to say that mold is a nuisance. Not only is it extremely annoying; it’s actually quite dangerous. This is especially true for the elderly and people who have a weakened immune system. It can discolor drywall, blacken grout lines in your bathroom and ruin siding. […] Read more »

How To Clean A Glass Stove Top Without Breaking It

how to clean glass stove top

Glass stovetops can be extremely beautiful. Oftentimes, they’re admired for their sleek, inspiring appearance, and they come with advanced technology to match. A glass stovetop is certainly more inspiring than a regular electric stove. However, once the glass becomes dirty, they’re not nearly as fun to cook with. In life, […] Read more »

How To Clean Gutters And Keep Them Clean For Years

how to clean gutters

We all know how important gutters are. The gutter system on the exterior of your home is what protects your home and foundation from the damaging effects of rain. If gutters are clogged, they allow rainwater to overflow onto the ground beneath the gutters. Due to the location of the […] Read more »

How To Clean Old And New Vinyl Floors The Safe Way

how to clean vinyl floors

There is no denying the beauty of vinyl flooring. Both laminate flooring and vinyl tile are exceptionally beautiful. These materials are also long-lasting and durable. If you’re wondering how to clean vinyl floors, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s really easy. UPDATE: THE VOTES ARE IN — WE VOTED […] Read more »

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions Safely

how to clean outdoor furniture cushions

Need to get your outdoor furniture ready for use before spring? One of the major spring cleaning tasks involves cleaning outdoor cushions. If you have patio or lawn furniture, you’ll have some cushions to clean. Depending on where you store them, your outdoor lawn cushions probably get pretty dirty over […] Read more »

How To Clean Plastic And Vinyl Shower Curtains With Ease

how to clean shower curtain

The right plastic or vinyl shower curtains can make your bathroom very inviting, but if they’re incredibly dirty, they won’t make you feel very clean when you’re finished showering. The two main types of materials used to make shower curtains are plastic and vinyl. UPDATE: THE VOTES ARE IN — CLICK […] Read more »

How To Clean Oven Racks Quickly Or Slowly

how to clean oven racks

If you’re wondering how to clean oven racks, then you have a few different options available to you. A lot of people recommend cleaning them in the bath tub, and this is certainly an acceptable way, but some people don’t want to go through all of the trouble of washing […] Read more »

How To Clean Anodized And Cast Aluminum Correctly

how to clean aluminum

Aw – the question of how to clean aluminum. Did you know that aluminum is actually the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust? It has a natural beauty and luster that many other metals lack. Some people prefer to paint it while others like the appearance gained from anodizing […] Read more »

How To Clean Painted Walls And Wallpaper Correctly

how to clean walls

Whether they’re bright and covered with wallpaper or soft paint, walls play a large role in making your home cozy. They breathe life into every room of a home. If you let them get overly dirty, you’ll quickly find that the inside of your home doesn’t look nearly as appealing […] Read more »

How To Clean Out Your Dryer Vent Duct Safely

how to clean dryer vent

Ever wanted to know how to clean a dryer vent? The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you might think! If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t know just how dangerous a clogged dryer vent can be. When the vent gets clogged with lint, it […] Read more »

How To Clean A Humidifier | Cool, Warm Mist and Vicks

how to clean a humidifier

During the dry months of winter, many homeowners would consider a humidifier to be a miracle machine. They’re great for reducing airborne illnesses and eliminating the discomfort of dry skin. The problem is that most people don’t know how often they should be cleaning their humidifier, and they also might […] Read more »

Best Homemade Window Cleaner With Vinegar Or Ammonia

window cleaner

Need a homemade window cleaner that actually works? As you might already know, the planet is getting polluted with all sorts of chemicals and toxins. One of the worst culprits is household cleaning agents. Not everyone who wants a homemade window cleaner is looking to stop using all commercial cleaning […] Read more »

Cleaning With Vinegar And 17 Different Ways To Do It

Vinegar – you’ve probably heard of it. There is a good chance that you’ve even used it while cooking. It’s well-known in the cooking industry but have you ever cleaned your toilet with it? A lot of homeowners get fired up about cleaning with vinegar because it’s a natural solution. […] Read more »

A Detailed Look At Water Damage Restoration

So, your home has just been severely damaged, and you believe you need water damage restoration. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem might not be nearly as simple as you would think. This type of damage can occur in any number of situations. In some cases, a nearby creek floods […] Read more »

Spring Cleaning Tips, Checklist, To Do List And Meaning

According to Wikipedia, spring cleaning consists of thoroughly cleaning your home during springtime. It’s an activity that is especially popular in climates that have a cold winter. When someone says they need to spring clean their home, they’re basically planning to clean their home from the top to the bottom. […] Read more »

How To Clean A Dishwasher The RIGHT Way

Need to know how to clean a dishwasher? If you’re like hundreds of thousands of homeowners, you probably take your dishwasher for granted. After all – it’s really easy to take something for granted when it works flawlessly for you – day in and day out. The dishwasher is probably […] Read more »

What You NEED To Know About Carpet Cleaning

Do you want to know how to clean your carpet? If you feel like other websites aren’t telling you how to REALLY clean your carpet, then you’ve come to the right place! Millions of homes have carpeting. Since it’s such a comfortable type of flooring, it’s no wonder it’s so […] Read more »

How To Remove ANY Carpet Stain Imaginable

We’ve all dealt with them; nobody likes to deal with carpet stains, but unfortunately, they’re a part of life, and if you have kids, you’re probably battling carpet stains much more often than you would like! Fortunately, there is a way to remove virtually any type of stain you can […] Read more »

Top Reasons To Keep Your Home CLEAN

If you’re human, there is no doubt that you’ve heard the expression ‘your home is your castle’. Well, if your home is your castle, then doesn’t it make sense to keep it clean? For some reason, many homeowners don’t clean their home enough. A lot of people seem to wait […] Read more »