112 Tea Tree Oil Uses That Just Might Surprise You

ways to use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil – some people swear by its medicinal benefits while others have never heard of it… Either way, nobody can deny that it’s green, sustainable and healthy. There are MANY tea tree oil uses, and it’s one of the most used essential oils in the world. UPDATE: THE […] Read more »

40 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster That Actually Work

ways to fall asleep faster

Need some ways to fall asleep faster or almost instantly? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had many nights where you just couldn’t get to sleep. The feeling of lying in your bed and not being able to drift off into sleep land can be quite uncomfortable. This is […] Read more »

216 Mind-blowing Ways To Use Vinegar

Vinegar – it’s that stuff that you can buy from the store. Maybe you occasionally use it on your cabbage and roast beef dinner. You’ve probably used it to dye eggs with the kids for Easter, but did you know that vinegar is an incredibly useful product that can be […] Read more »

196 Unexpected Ways To Save Water At Home

Water – it covers nearly three quarters of the earth (71% to be exact), yet we can never seem to get enough of it. Did you know there are millions of people on the planet who don’t even have clean water to drink? If you live in countries like the […] Read more »

104 Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

fire safety tips

  Each and every year, we lose nearly 2,500 people as a result of fire deaths. During the same time period, another 12,600 are injured after involvement in a fire. In the United States alone, the annual cost of fire damage exceeds $7 billion dollars. What might be the saddest […] Read more »

77 Hydrogen Peroxide Uses The COMPLETE List

hydrogen peroxide uses

It’s the liquid you pour onto your finger after you accidently cut yourself while doing the dishes. It’s what you use to disinfect your child’s knee after a fall, but did you know that there are so many other uses for hydrogen peroxide? Maybe you’ve recognized it by its chemical […] Read more »