Dead Mouse Smell Got You Down? Eliminate It

dead mouse smell

There is nothing quite like the smell of a dead mouse. Many homeowners have problems with mice hiding out inside of the walls of their home.

The problem is that the dead mouse smell can take weeks or months to disappear, so in the meantime, it can make your home very uncomfortable.

As the tissue of the mouse begins to break down and decay, it produces liquids that can slowly seep into the surrounding wood and materials. Although they’re some of the cutest pets in the local pet store, mice can be very destructive little pests.

This is especially true when they decide to die inside of the walls of your home. A lot of people wonder how such a tiny animal can stink so bad.

Diagnosing the Smell

The foul odors seeping out of your walls might not be coming from a dead mouse, so it’s important to know what a dead mouse actually smells like. The typical scent of a deceased mouse consists of methane, sulfur dioxides and other noxious gases, which are produced by the decomposing tissue.

The problem is that these smells could be coming from virtually any type of rodent. Mice tend to love small, dark spaces, so if the smell is coming from such a location, it could be a mouse.

Some mice have been known to burrow into upholstered furniture and claim an entire couch as their home.

It was later determined that the rodent had died inside of the couch and left a sneaky little present as he passed on. It’s good to have the background knowledge, but let’s talk about how to actually remove the smell.

How to Eliminate the Dead Mouse Smell

All that you need to do is find the source of the smell and neutralize it. However, this is easier said than done. It can be rather difficult to find the source, but you’ll need to follow your nose.

Since death attracts insects, you can watch for an abnormal amount of insects. You might find beetles, maggots or flies around the carcass. After you’ve pinpointed the location of the carcass or think that you have, removal can be costly.

If the mouse padded on in an easy-to-reach location, then you got lucky. In many cases, homeowners have had to cut through floors or walls to find the carcass. Depending on the situation, it might be impossible to reach the carcass.

Plan B

For those of you who can’t get to the carcass or can’t afford to rip apart your floors or walls, there is a backup solution. Once you’ve found where you believe the carcass is located, you can drill some small holes into the wall or floor to apply odor neutralizing chemicals.

You might need to apply several heavy-duty deodorants to take care of the problem. If you do manage to find the dead mouse, it’s very important to wear proper protection when removing it.

Rodents can carry a number of dangerous viruses and diseases, so you don’t want to risk getting contaminated by something awful.

How to Neutralize the Smell

There are several great products that you can use to neutralize the dead mouse smell. Odor removing bags are great products. They’re very useful if you can pinpoint the corpse but can’t remove it.

You might also consider using an air ionizer or biological odor remover.

Unfortunately, when trying to remove such a foul odor, the odds are stacked against you, but with enough willpower and some common sense, you should be able to prevail.