How To Clean A Down Comforter Without Ruining It

how to clean a down comforter duvet

If you need to know how to clean a down comforter, then you’re not alone. You always have the option of paying for professional cleaning services, which a lot of people choose to do, but you can actually wash it yourself if you want to.

The reality is that both ways of washing the comforter are acceptable; you just have to choose one. However, you’ll find that some manufacturers insist on the comforter being professionally dry cleaned, and in this situation, it’s probably best to listen to the manufacturer.

You also have people who say dry cleaning removes essential oils from the comforter. It’s hard to argue with someone who is an expert in cleaning down products, so professional cleaning is probably the safest route, but it’s not something everyone wants to do.

If you’re going to do it yourself, you should understand that you will need a lot of patience. The washing machine in your home isn’t meant to wash large bulky items like a down comforter, so you should go to the local Laundromat for this.

How to Clean a Down Comforter

With that said, let’s get right into it. First, check the comforter for tears, rips or seam openings. It’s very important that ripped or weak areas of the comforter are repaired before being washed because washing can cause the rips to get bigger.

If this happens, you’ll lose the filling. Fortunately, rips can be repaired with nothing more than a fine needle and some thread that matches the color of the material. A quick slip stich can be used to close open seams.

You should also spot treat stains before you wash. Set the washer on a delicate cycle and select the warm water setting. Let the machine run without the comforter for a few minutes, which will let all of the water and detergent mix adequately.

Next, place the comforter in the machine. Put a pair of white canvas tennis shoes in the washer to make sure the down stays evenly distributed. The shoes will really help with the washing process.

If the washer is equipped with an additional rinse setting, make sure to select it. If it doesn’t, make sure to rinse the comforter an additional time before the final spin.

After the comforter is finished washing, you might notice a strong odor coming from it. Don’t worry because this is natural and happens with all down products. The odor will go away once it’s completely dry.

Place the down comforter in the dryer and select the lowest heat setting. Throw the athletic shoes without shoe laces into the dryer with the comforter. If you don’t have the shoes to put in, you can use one or two tennis balls placed in white socks. These help to separate and fluff the comforter.

You’ll want to periodically remove the comforter as it dries and remove lumps that form. It can take a few hours for the entire drying process to finish, which is why you need a lot of patience.

It’s important to dry the comforter slowly on the lowest heat setting because you don’t want the comforter to get too hot. Commercial dryers can get incredibly hot, so if you’re using one, make sure to check it often and remove lumps.

In most cases, it will take over three hours for a down comforter to finish drying. This is true even when a commercial dryer is used. Some people take the comforter out before it’s completely dry and finish the drying process in direct sunlight, but this practice is not recommended.

When you wash a down comforter, it’s very important to make sure it dries completely. If it’s even a little bit wet, it will accumulate mildew, which can ruin it. If possible, wrap the comforter in cotton when you’re finished washing it because the cotton lets it breathe.

Home Dry Cleaning Kits

If the comforter isn’t excessively dirty, you can always purchase a home dry cleaning kit. Some people swear by them, and when you consider how much money you can save, it might be worth the money. To keep your comforter warm and fluffy, avoid standing or sitting on it for long periods of time.

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