How To Clean iPad Screen

how to clean ipad screen

When I see an article titled “how to clean iPad screen in 14 steps”, a small part of me dies. If you need 14 different steps to clean an iPad screen, your brain might not be firing on all cylinders.

In fact, some of the best advice that you can get comes straight from Apple – the company that created your iPad.

The Simplest Way to Clean the Screen

The best part about this advice is that you can carry it over for all of your Apple products. Before we get started, you should know that Apple doesn’t use the same materials for all of its products.

There might be specific cleaning recommendations for each product. To clean your iPad screen, grab a soft, lint-free cloth. You should avoid using abrasive paper towels, regular towels and cloths.

You’ll obviously want to make sure that the device is unplugged and keep liquids far away from the product. The last thing that you want is to cause water damage to your iPad while trying to clean the screen.

When cleaning, make sure that you don’t allow moisture to get into any of the openings, which is actually a mistake that is quite easy to make.

You should never use an aerosol spray, abrasive or solvent to clean the screen and don’t spray the cleaning solution directly onto the screen.

To clean the iPad successfully, get a lint-free, soft cloth and dampen it with water. There is an oleo phobic coating on the screen, so you want to stay away from products like hydrogen peroxide, abrasives and ammonia.

Use the damp cloth to give the screen a good wipe down. Make sure to never use abrasives on the screen because its special coating is vulnerable.

The special coating on the screen is important because it repels the oil from your fingers. When you’re finished, you can use a soft cloth to dry the screen, and you’re done! Who ever said that you need 14 steps to get your iPad’s screen clean?

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