How To Clean Suede Couch And Cushions The Safe Way

how to clean suede couch

It’s hard to match the beauty of a suede couch with other popular materials. Your couch made out of suede probably looks sophisticated and suave. However, it won’t look this way forever, and this is especially true if you don’t maintain it.

You’ll need to take steps to keep it neat and clean. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to give suede the deep clean that it needs to look incredible.

Restoring its beauty can be as simple as regular brushing, cleaning and vacuuming. Several stain protectors can be used on the couch if it’s still somewhat new. Let’s get the cleaning started.

How to Clean Stains On a Suede Couch

First, you’ll need some soft white cloths. You will also need some mild detergent and a plastic spoon. An optional item is suede cleaner. There are actually a few different types of suede cloth, and they react differently to different cleaners.

It’s always best to test the cleaner on a small part of the couch before you use it everywhere. Make sure it doesn’t negatively affect the texture or cause color bleed.

To start the cleaning process, scrape away as much of the stain you’re trying to remove as possible. Mix some of the detergent with water in a small bucket. Stir the water to create some suds.

Apply the suds without applying water to the stain using a white cloth. Carefully blot the stain to remove it from the couch. Repeat this process until the majority of the stain has been removed from the couch.

Monthly Cleaning For Suede

You have the options of performing weekly or monthly cleaning for your suede couch. You’ll need to determine what frequency works best for you. Most homeowners don’t have the time or desire to clean weekly, so they clean their couch once per month.

The actual cleaning process is quite simple. First, you’ll want to remove the cushions. Next, vacuum each cushion with a criss cross pattern, which helps to remove trapped dirt particles.

Most vacuums come with a custom upholstery cleaner attachment. Make sure you attach and use this. By vacuuming the suede, you’re able to keep the nap intact while removing debris and dust that have managed to penetrate the surface of the couch.

You can use the same criss cross vacuuming pattern on the rest of the couch. Next, use a suede rubbing cloth or nap brush to rub down the couch’s nap. This process greatly restores and polishes the beauty of the couch.

You should repeat this process for every cushion. Make sure to polish both the bottom and top of every cushion, along with the sides.

Additional Tips For Cleaning Suede

Whenever you’re planning to clean any type of couch, you should always read the manufacturer instructions. It might also be a good idea to cover suede with throws that will prevent dirt, hair and other unwanted debris from attaching to the couch.

Many homeowners use throws to significantly increase the lifespan of the couch. If your couch is ever assaulted by soft foods, frosting or cream, make sure to scrape it off immediately. A paper towel with a small amount of white spirits is perfect for removing fat or grease.

By following these techniques, you can clean your suede couch or sofa and restore the beauty that has been lost to months of daily use.


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