How To Clean Suede Shoes

how to clean suede shoes

If you’re wondering how to clean suede shoes and need some expert advice, we’re here to help you. Suede material feels good to look at because it’s very beautiful, but as a material, it has several downsides.

Unlike some other materials, suede is much more vulnerable to stains, scratches and scuffs. It can be a difficult material to clean, but as long as you have the right information, you’ll find that it’s not nearly as difficult as you might’ve thought.

There are several different ways to clean shoes that are made of this material, but we’re going to jump into the most effective methods, so you can get the best results.

Cleaning Method #1 – For Scuff Marks and Dirt

Since suede material has a soft grain, you should always clean it with a special brush. We recommend purchasing a specialized cleaning kit, but you also have the option of using a soft brush. Suede has a high sensitivity to water, so it’s best to wait until your shoes are completely dry before cleaning.

The actual cleaning process is quite simple. You need to brush gently to remove the dirt. When cleaning this delicate material, it’s best to brush in a single direction and avoid moving the brush back and forth.

It shouldn’t take too many brushes to get off a layer of grime. To remove all of the dirt, just repeat this simple process across each dirty section.

To remove scuff marks, you’ll need to scrub the material a bit harder. When suede material gets scuffed, it can get pressed in a single direction. You can lift the grain by brushing it vigorously. Since you’re brushing harder, go ahead and brush back and forth.

Ideally, this process should be handled with a specialized brush that is made for cleaning this delicate material. If your shoes have scuff marks that don’t respond very well to the brushing, you can try to use a knife to scrape the area and lift the stubborn nap.

When dealing with extremely stubborn marks, go ahead and use an eraser. A piece of crepe rubber or pencil eraser can be used to remove the toughest marks.

After you’ve put in the effort to get the material cleaned, it makes sense to protect it. For the best protection, you can spray a coat of suede spray onto the shoes, which will prevent stains in the future.

Cleaning Method #2 – Get Rid Of Water Stains

There is no way around the fact that water stains can be annoying. They can be particularly irritating when they reside on your shoes. To remove water stains from suede, apply a very light coat of water with your brush.

It’s true that water can cause the material to become discolored, which is why it’s important to apply a very thin layer. After some water has been applied to the stain, brush it away with a soft brush. You can use a dry cloth or sponge to immediately soak up any excess water.

To make sure that all of the water is soaked up, you can place some paper or shoe trees inside. When you’re finished, it’s a good idea to let the shoes sit and dry overnight. Once the drying process is complete, you can finish the process with a suede brush.

Cleaning Method #3 – Remove Gum or Wax

If your suede shoes have fallen victim to gum or wax, it’s not the end of the world. To eliminate these problems, just place the shoes inside of your freezer and allow the contaminants to freeze.

After they’ve become frozen, you can use a simple knife to scrape them off of the shoes. If there are any leftover marks, go ahead and use a suede brush to finish the cleaning process.

Cleaning Method #4 – Get Rid Of Miscellaneous Stains

If your suede shoes have become stained with oil, you can sprinkle some cornstarch onto the oil and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, shake the powder off and remove any remaining specks. Next, use a steam iron to get rid of the stain and apply your favorite suede brush.

Blood can be removed using a cotton ball soaked in peroxide. The peroxide is able to slowly lift the stain until it’s completely removed. If your shoes have an ink stain on them, use a dry towel to remove excess ink before it sets into the material.

Sandpaper can be used to remove ink that has set in. On light stains, go ahead and use a suede eraser. To remove tough ink stains, you can use a cotton ball that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Food stains are also annoying but have no fear – they can be blotted and removed with a dry cloth. If the food is dry, you can scrape or brush it off.

These are some of the most effective ways to clean and remove various types of stains from your suede shoes. After any cleaning process, make sure to apply a protective sealant to the suede if you want to make future cleaning sessions much easier.

Suede is a delicate material, but it’s also incredibly gorgeous and meant to be enjoyed. Use these quick and easy cleaning strategies to make your shoes last longer.

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