What Do Birds Eat

What Do Birds Eat

Birds are those little feathered creatures that you see flying around everywhere. There aren’t many areas of the world where you won’t find at least one species of bird. Since birds can fly, they have no trouble escaping most predators.

While in flight, the only real predators that they have to fear are larger birds. So far, scientists have discovered over 10,000 different species of birds. If you’re wondering what birds eat, it depends.

As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, and most of these feathered creatures enjoy eating plenty of worms. They’ve been known to eat both animal and plant matter.

Some common foods for birds are fish, insects, fruit, seeds and pollen. Depending on the species, birds might also consume a few small animals, such as voles, rats and mice.

There are even birds that eat frogs, lizards and snakes. Certain types of birds like to eat seeds while others prefer fruit. There are also those who have bills to probe under the ground and look for invertebrates and insects.

Some birds, such as sunbirds, hummingbirds and honey creepers, almost exclusively eat nectar. A lot of birds like to perch high up and wait for prey to pass by.

Baby Birds

In the wild, adult birds will eat wild berries, fruit and seeds, and they use these foods to feed their baby birds. A typical baby bird is fed worms and insects as supplemental food. A number of baby birds enjoy eating snails, flies and grasshoppers.

The diet needs for a baby bird are quite demanding, and depending on the age and species, it must eat every 15 to 20 minutes for about 12 hours per day. To ensure proper growth, baby birds require a diet filled with protein and insects.

Although it’s best to let the professionals handle it, you might wish to feed a baby bird that you’ve acquired. For the average person, it’s impossible to feed baby birds exactly what they’d receive in the wild, so you’ll need to create a substitute.

Also called glop, this substitute works quite well. However, the easiest route is to purchase commercial food from a store. There are several types of bird food that are designed for babies.

Wild Birds

A wild bird enjoys several different types of food. Some of the preferred foods are meat scraps, millet, plant nectar, small insects and cracked corn. For example, wild hummingbirds like to eat small insects and plant nectar.

Wild roadrunners enjoy meat scrap and suet. Doves and pigeons prefer millet, but they usually eat bread, nuts, thistle and cracked corn. Pheasants and quail prefer to eat cracked corn but have no problem eating berries and millet.

Blue Birds

The average blue bird enjoys eating sunflower hearts, suet and meal worms. He might also eat cornmeal muffins and softened fruits. These foods are usually eaten during the winter. The best type of food for blue birds is mealworms because they can be eaten all year round.

Humming Birds

The humming bird is a magnificent little creature, and it will eat small flying insects and flowers. In most cases, you’ll find this bird feasting on the nectar from a plant, and nectar is one of the most well-known foods that these birds like to eat.