What Do Cardinals Eat

The cardinal is one of the most-beautiful birds out there. Also known as a song bird, the cardinal can be found in South and North America. They’re very hardy birds and have very strong beaks, which they use to eat seeds.

Most cardinals have a length between five and 9.5 inches. The males and females have dramatically different appearances. The Northern male cardinal has a distinctive red crest, and it’s the crest that got the bird named because it looks like a Catholic cardinal’s mitre.

Almost all of the birds in the cardinal family are doing quite well, so they’re not on any endangered species lists. If you’re wondering what a cardinal eats, you’re not alone.

The whole family of cardinals usually eats several types of seeds and fruits. They also spend lots of time foraging for different types of food sources. They enjoy drinking fresh water form garden fountains, streams and fountains.

Most cardinals spend most of their time at least 15 feet above the ground, so you’ll rarely see them touch the ground.

Northern Cardinal

The Northern cardinal loves to eat fruit, sap, grains, seeds and insects. It’s the official bird of seven U.S. states, and it’s one of the most enjoyable birds to have in your backyard. You can find the Northern cardinal across many areas of the United States and southern Canada.

This bird is one of the easiest types to identify. Since it’s a song bird, you can hear it singing throughout the day. Male cardinals sport a brilliant red color and look absolutely amazing. When defending their territory, these birds can get very defensive.

If you ever go looking for cardinals, it’s easy to find them in woodland edges, thickets, gardens and brushy swamps.

Baby Cardinals

Some people find baby cardinals in the middle of the road and try to nurse them back to health. Regardless of where you find it, a baby cardinal can be fed insects and worms that have been smashed enough to fit into its mouth.

What Seeds Do Cardinals Eat?

They aren’t too picky, and they’ll eat a variety of different seeds, but some of their favorites are safflower and black sunflower. Cardinals have also been known to eat cracked corn, millet and peanuts.

If you want to feed the cardinals in your area, you can experiment and see what seeds make them come back more often than others.

More about Norther Cardinals

When compared with virtually any other bird, the Northern cardinal is much more likely to get you to open up your field guide. These birds offer the perfect combination of conspicuousness and familiarity. They’re also some of the most stylish birds that you’ll ever see.

The Northern cardinal eats lots of different types of seeds and fruit. A good portion of their diet consists of insects. Some of the most common seeds and fruits that cardinals eat are buckwheat, wild grape and dogwood.

They’ve also been known to enjoy sumac, black berry, hackberry and mulberry. Some of their favorite insects to eat are leafhoppers, katydids, crickets and beetles, but they have no problem eating moths, butterflies, spiders, centipedes and flies.

Northern cardinals are particularly common and prefer hopping across low branches. They also like to forage on the ground and find tasty treats.