What Do Crayfish Eat

what do crayfish eat

The crayfish is an omnivore, so it has no problem eating insects, plants, plankton, worms, shell fish and snails. Since these animals aren’t picky, they’ll even eat various types of dead animals.

Crayfish have also been known to consume decaying plants and dead animals. A typical crayfish will eat virtually anything that is within its reach, and it will follow this philosophy in virtually any environment.

Up close, cray look similar to lobsters, but aside from appearances, they’re quite different. Crayfish are known to eat other small fish, so if you own a pet crayfish, you should avoid placing it with other aquatic life.

If a fish frequently swims across the bottom of the tank where your crayfish is housed, it will become an easy meal. Most crayfish love to eat decaying plants, and some of their favorite snacks are decaying lettuce and spinach.

Some other foods that these creatures enjoy are shrimp pellets, algae wafers and gold fish. A few other food sources are snails, worms and insects.

What Do Crayfish Eat in Captivity?

As pets, these lobster-like creatures will eat commercial algae pellets. You can use the pellets as a primary food source and offer other types of food for supplementation.

A lot of crayfish owners like to feed their pet fresh spinach, romaine and other leafy greens. They also like to eat bits of dead snails, shrimp and fish.

Baby Crayfish

As babies, they’ll eat a variety of frozen foods. They actually prefer to eat small amounts of blood worms, daphnia and brine shrimp. Aquatic plants are also some of their favorite foods, so you should avoid placing these in the tank if you don’t want them to get eaten.

Freshwater Crayfish

These fascinating sea creatures eat whatever they can find in their natural habitat. When it comes to foraging for food, they’re quite lazy, so they’ll eat whatever food source is easiest to reach.

Some of the most enjoyable foods for freshwater crayfish are anything that is decaying. They tend to eat dead insects, algae, worms and dead fish.

Blue Crayfish

These guys will eat food that reaches the floor of their habitat. The electric blue color is caused by a missing gene or genetic flaw. Electric blue crayfish will eat whatever they can get their claws on.

While shrimp and fish are some of their favorites, they’ll eat a variety of other types of food. Some top food sources are blanched vegetables and invertebrate pellets.

Blind Crayfish

They’re known as some of Florida’s most bizarre creatures, and you’ll be extremely lucky if you ever manage to see a blind crayfish. These ghost-white colored creatures can survive in places where most other creatures would quickly perish.

Within the vast, water-filled tunnels and caverns of the deep, blind crayfish use a keen sensitivity to stimuli to survive. These remarkable crustaceans refer to eat decayed organic matter and bacteria that washes into their cave habitats, but they’ll also consume any prey that they can find and kill.

All types of crayfish are interesting creatures, and once you know what they eat, it’ll be much easier to find them in the wild or keep them as pets.