What Do Dolphins Eat

What Do Dolphins Eat

It’s a shame that most people might never see a dolphin in real life. If you haven’t already got up close and personal with this incredible animal, it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list. Like humans, these animals get hungry, and they must eat something.

If you’re wondering what do dolphins eat, the answer is: it depends on the species. There are several different species, and some like certain foods that others might not enjoy.

Many types of dolphins love to eat various types of fish, such as mackerel, cod and herring. Some of the other species might have a sweet tooth for squids.

It’s not uncommon for larger dolphins to eat different types of marine mammals, such as sea lions and seals. There are even some that will eat turtles.

An average dolphin might weigh about 200 kg, and it can eat as much as 25 kg of fish per day. Since these animals are very active, they must eat a lot of food to sustain their high energy levels.

The way that they hunt fish is quite fascinating. They commonly used a technique, called herding, that involves an entire pod of dolphins.

They actually surround schools of fish and compress the pod, so they’re able to dive through the compressed fish pods for easy pickings.

What Do Bottlenose Dolphins Eat?

This is one of the most well-known types of dolphin, and it enjoys a diet consisting almost entirely of small fish. You can find these creatures eating things like shrimp, crabs and squid. Although they have teeth, they don’t actually chew their food.

The bottlenose species is very similar to other types of species because they hunt in pods, which makes it easier to get a bite to eat. They regularly use their tails to stun fish, so they’ll have a much easier time catching and eating them.

Most dolphins eat different types of fish depending on the season. During summer and spring, the bottlenose dolphins in Scotland like to feast on juicy salmon.

Once winter arrives, they prefer to go after mackerel and herring. Depending on where they live, they might even eat some tropical fish.

What Do Pink Dolphins Eat?

Also known as the pink Amazon River dolphin, this guy is biggest of the freshwater dolphin species, and not surprisingly, he loves to eat fish. The waters of the Orinoco and Amazon are filled with all sorts of different types of food.

This creature is, by no means, a picky eater, and he’ll eat just about anything he can get. There are over 50 species of smaller fish in this dolphin’s natural habitat, and every single one of them is one the menu.

This animal uses his long beak to hunt for fish along the bottom of the river.

When compared to ocean fish, the fish that you’ll find in the pink dolphin’s diet are quite bony. In fact, many of these fish species have an armored exterior. Fortunately, these armored exteriors are no match for the powerful features that the pink dolphin hunts with.

There’s really no specific diet that these animals follow. Like most other species of dolphins, they’ll eat almost anything. The diet that they enjoy is somewhat similar to what’s enjoyed by Chinese river, Maui and spotted dolphins.