What Do Ferrets Eat

what do ferrets eat

Ferrets are popular pets because they’re energetic and quite intelligent. They’re classified as predatory carnivores and enjoy a diet consisting of high protein and fat. For quite some time, there was no commercial food available for ferrets.

In the past, people used to feed ferrets dog and cat food, but today, there are several foods that are specialized for feeding ferrets. If you want to know what to feed a pet ferret, the best diet for him consists of raw food and pellets.

Since they’re predatory animals, they naturally eat many smaller animals. In the wild, some of their favorite snacks are chicks and mice. The only problem with wild prey is that it can contain many types of bacteria and parasites.

However, they cane at raw meat that is made for humans because it doesn’t contain the same problems as wild meat. When living in the wild, ferrets will eat entire animals, including the bones, intestines and organs.

If you have one of these animals as a pet, there are several commercial foods that you can feed it. Most products provide a great balance of nutrients while also cleaning teeth.

Wild Black-Footed Ferrets

There are thousands of ferrets that live in a wild environment. The black-footed ferret is a great example, and it’s native to North America. The diet that these animals enjoy in the wild consists mostly of prairie dogs.

However, the ferret can adapt its hunting habits and go after other types of prey, depending on the environment it lives in. There are many areas where prairie dogs hibernate, so wild ferrets are forced to eat things like voles and mice.

Baby Ferrets

In most cases, babies arrive at pet stores around the age of seven weeks. It’s around the six-week mark when they can be weaned. Once they’re around seven weeks of age, they’ll start to require adult nourishment.

If you’re providing your baby ferret with nutrient, calorically-dense food, then you don’t need to worry about getting a kit. In the wild, once a baby is weaned, it starts to eat the same foods that an adult ferret would eat.

Snow Ferrets

You might be surprised to learn that snow ferrets eat a diet that is almost identical to what most other species eat. When consuming an animal, they’ll eat the entire body, including the fur, stomach contents and bones.

If you have one as a pet, these guys like meat off of the bone, and it’s easy to supplement a diet with raw meat. In the wild, they’ll eat the typical diet that you’d expect these animals to eat.

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