What Do Flies Eat

what do flies eat

If you’ve ever seen a fly sitting on a pile of feces, you probably have a good idea about what he was doing. For whatever reason, flies just love to eat feces. However, they also like to eat decaying matter.

Some of the most enjoyable foods for flies are rotting meats, vegetables and fruits. Once a fly has found some solid food, it will use bristles located on its proboscis to rub the food.

Next, the fly vomits onto the food. The vomit contains a mixture of digestive juices and saliva, which begin to break the food down and convert it into a liquid. Since flies can’t bite or chew, all that they can do is convert solid food into a liquid and slurp it up.

When a fly consumes liquid food, it ends up going straight into the fly’s stomach. Flies use their palp and feet to taste food and determine if it’s something that they can eat.

What Do Crane Flies Eat?

Also called mosquito hawks, these insects aren’t nearly as ferocious as they sound, and they don’t even eat mosquitos. Crane fly larvae are known to eat turf grasses, seedling field crops and forage crops.

Most crane flies are actually quite small and look like oversized mosquitos. With a slender body and stilt-like legs, these insects are deciduous and love to eat things that might make you feel sick.

What Do Fruit Flies Eat?

A typical fruit fly likes to, as the name would imply, feed on fruit. During the preoviposition feeding stage, this insect will spend lots of time feeding on vegetables, fruits and various types of decaying matter.

Female fruit flies are known to place their eggs under the skin of fruits. The insect’s larvae feed on the surface of decaying matter, which is plentiful in the environment where they’ve been inserted.

What Do Dragon Flies Eat?

Many people would agree that dragonflies are some of the coolest looking insects. Adult dragonflies have been known to eat other flying insects. Some of their favorite foods are mosquitoes and midges.

The dragonfly has also been known to consume smaller dragonflies, moths and butterflies. These insects place their larvae in water, and the larvae will eat anything that is smaller than their size.

What Do House Flies Eat?

If you live in a house, then you’ve probably encountered the common housefly. These insects are known to eat feces and decaying matter. They also have a sweet tooth for spoiled meat, rotting fruits and garbage.

The common house fly is viewed as a nuisance bug and can transmit around 65 terrible diseases to animals and humans. A typical housefly usually won’t grow any larger than ¼ of an inch in length. Like other types of flies, these insects can only consume liquids.

What Do Horse Flies Eat?

This insect bites and sucks blood out of its prey. It targets a wide range of livestock and extracts blood from them. The flies are capable of delivering sharp, painful bits, which cause significant pain for their victims.

They’ve also been known to spread a variety of diseases. Female horse flies enjoy consuming the blood from livestock. A few of their favorite victims are horses, goats, sheep and cattle. Male horseflies prefer to eat plant nectar and don’t suck the blood out of livestock.

What Do Fireflies Eat?

A typical firefly is a predator when it’s young and will consume other small insects. Once it becomes an adult, it prefers to eat nectar and pollen. However, the specific diet depends on the species.

Since there are over 2,000 different species of fireflies, you can imagine that there is plenty of diversity in terms of the diets these guys like to enjoy.

What Do Black Flies Eat?

Female and male black flies have always been attracted to flower nectar. The females feed on blood and use it to develop egg laying parts. Some of the top food sources for black flies are birds, animals and humans. However, there are some that only feed on cold-blooded animals.

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