What Do Foxes Eat

What Do Foxes Eat

The fox is a magnificent creature and classified as an omnivore. He will eat fruits, vegetables and meat. Since these animals are known as opportunistic feeders, they’ll eat almost anything that they can get their paws on.

The major hunting times for the fox are at night and in the morning. They prefer to hunt smaller prey, such as voles and mice. During autumn, you’re much more likely to find a fox feasting on fruits and vegetables instead of meat.

Some food favorites for the fox are apples and berries, but they’re definitely not picky animals. If a fox lives in an urban environment, he’s much more likely to eat smaller animals than fruit and veggies.

In an urban environment, foxes are also much more likely to eat out of dumpsters or forage through garbage cans. These animals have been known to eat small prey, such as mollusks, crabs, worms, insects, eggs, frogs, reptiles and birds. They might also feast on carrion, fungi, seeds and vegetables.

During the summer, they prefer to eat caterpillars, beetles, mice, frogs and crickets. Spring is a time when the fox eats plenty of earthworms and bird eggs. It’s also a time for hunting crabs and fish found in shallow waters.

What Do Red Foxes Eat?

The red fox is an omnivore, so he likes to eat a variety of animals, fruits and vegetables. He prefers to snack on hamsters, gophers, gerbils, voles and mice, but there aren’t many small prey that a red fox won’t eat.

These animals have been known to eat insects, birds, rabbits, raccoons and reptiles. They’re also known to supplement their diet with some tubers, grass, fruit and berries. Red foxes that live near humans will eat food out of dumpsters.

This animal is known to do most of its hunting in the early morning hours and late during the evening. They use sound to locate small animals and pounce on them. A fox has the ability to leap onto a small prey animal from a distance of 15 feet, which is a huge advantage.

What Do Artic Foxes Eat?

This animal absolutely loves to feast on lemmings. Unlike their brothers and sisters, artic foxes have eating habits that are quite strange. Although they’re classified as carnivores, they’ll eat almost anything that they need to survive.

An artic fox will dig lemmings out of their natural underground habitat and pounce on them. He will need to catch thousands of lemmings to adequately feed his family for an entire year.

Unfortunately, since the article fox relies heavily on catching and eating lemmings, he must be very resourceful because the lemmings population can be quite unpredictable.

What Do Fennec Foxes Eat?

This animal is an opportunistic feeder, so on one day, it might forage for plants while looking for reptiles, eggs and rodents on the next day. The fennec fox has even been known to eat insects. Since it lives in the desert, it has adapted to its environment and can go for long periods of time without water.

The fennec fox is actually the smallest, and it enjoys living in the Sahara desert, which is one of the driest, hottest places on the planet. It’s ears are large enough to detect the smallest sounds of prey, so it has no trouble hunting at night when sound carries exceptionally well.

What Do Baby Foxes Eat?

They can eat a variety of vegetables and meats. A lot of people also feed them basic dog food. You’ll want to check with a veterinarian before feeding a baby fox a food that you’re unsure of.