What Do Frogs Eat

what do frogs eat

The frog is a magnificent little creature, and although there are millions of frogs on planet Earth, you probably don’t see them as often as you should. These little creatures are very good at hiding, and unless the weather is just right, they tend to stay hidden.

If you’ve ever wondered what do frogs eat, then you’re not alone. Most people have absolutely no clue what to feed a frog. You’d think that frogs would be vegetarians, but they actually eat many types of smaller prey.

In the wild or as a pet, most frogs enjoy eating the basics, which includes worms, spiders, snails, insects and small fish. It’s not uncommon to find a frog feasting on a small fish from time to time.

The overall size of the frog can have an impact on his diet. Some frogs are large enough to add mice to their diet. Frogs are similar to snakes because they don’t have any teeth and must swallow their entire prey whole.

If you’ve ever thought that you bit off more than you can chew, you should watch a frog eating a large prey animal. Let’s take a look at the difference frog species and what the enjoy eating.

What Do Tree Frogs Eat?

Did you know that there are over 500 different species of tree frogs? The diet that these animals enjoy is strikingly similar to what other amphibians eat. The typical diet for this creature consists of bugs, insects and worms.

Depending on the size of the frog, he might choose to eat smaller frogs. The Pacific tree frog eats things like crickets, beetles, flies, spiders and ants while the green tree frog regularly feasts on worms, flies, mosquitos, earthworms and mealworms.

The Australian green tree frog lives in Australia and enjoys eating flies, spiders and cockroaches. However, it might also eat smaller frogs. Another species is the red-eyed tree frog, and he likes to eat crickets, moths and flies. As a baby, this frog will eat fruit flies and pinhead crickets.

What Do Baby Frogs Eat?

Since they’re still in their infancy, these animals are quite small. They like to eat tadpoles, snails and small insects. However, the diet can vary depending on the frog’s environment. All frogs are very good at spotting movement.

They can fling their tongue out at an incredibly fast pace, so they’re able to swoop up all sorts of little creatures. If you have a pet baby frog, try to feed him foods that he would naturally eat in nature.

What Do African Dwarf Frogs Eat?

If you have this frog as a pet, you can feed him frozen beefheart, glassworms or brineshrimp. You can also cut night crawlers or earthworms into small pieces and feed them to your little guy.

While living in the wild, these frogs eat variety of creatures. They regularly eat brine shrimp, worms and live shrimp. You’ll find that, like most other frogs, the African dwarfs love to eat insects, so any insects that you can find for him should serve as a great feast.

What Do Poison Dart Frogs Eat?

Due to their poisonous attributes, these frogs tend to be brightly colored, and they’re probably some of the coolest animals you’ll see in your lifetime. They live in the jungles of South and Central America, and they’re classified as carnivorous animals.

The diet that these frogs eat is primarily meat, which means they love to eat a wide range of different insects. At any given moment, you might find this creature chewing on some termites, spiders, insects, ants or flies.

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