What Do Giraffes Eat

What Do Giraffes Eat

Giraffes eat a variety of different types of food. As you might expect, most of the food sources that they enjoy are quite tall. A typical giraffe is a browser, so it likes to eat the leaves off of bushes and trees. To get a bite to eat, the giraffe will use its mouth to grab a branch and pull its head away to strip the leaves from the branch.

The giraffe is similar to a cow because it doesn’t have upper front teeth. In the place of teeth, it has something called a dental pad, which is a lump of tissue. When eating, the animal uses its lower incisors to pinch food against the dental pad.

The giraffes that you can find inside of a zoo eat a diet consisting almost entirely of herbivore pellets. These pellets are designed to give the animals a well-balanced diet.

It’s also not uncommon for zookeepers to give the animals acacia branches because they’re great, natural pieces of food.

In the wild, giraffes enjoy eating the leaves and buds from vegetation. They frequently forage from shrubs, bushes and trees, but they might also sink their teeth into grass. The diet for this animal can vary depending on the specifics of its natural environment.

How Much Do They Eat?

If you ever feel like you’re eating too much, you might take comfort in the fact that an adult giraffe can consume around 66 pounds of food per day. In other words, a giraffe eats nearly four percent of its bodyweight on any given day.

When compared with most other mammals, the giraffe doesn’t sleep nearly as much, and whenever it’s not sleeping, there is a good chance that it will be eating. These animals are known to spend 16 to 20 hours per day eating.

What Do Giraffes Eat In The Wild?

The main diet for a wild giraffe consists mostly of twigs from apricot trees, mimosa and acacia. It will also eat various types of shrubs and trees. The diet for these animals can extend far beyond the most commonly eaten plants, which we just mentioned.

Wild giraffes have been known to eat different types of fruit, and the food preferences can vary from one individual to the next. Almost all giraffes prefer to eat food sources that they can reach easily.

However, it’s not uncommon to see them eating various types of grass. The giraffe is a browser, so he’ll mostly eat the buds and shrubs from small trees. He might even eat vines, herbs, fruits and flowers. These animals usually live on the savanna and eat very small amounts of grass.

A lot of people believe this is because it doesn’t really suit their taste, and it can also be very hard for them to get to the grass to consume it.