What Do Hedgehogs Eat

What Do Hedgehogs Eat

Ever wondered what do hedgehogs eat? Well, my friend, you’re not alone. As opportunistic feeders, these spiky little creatures love to eat bugs, product and meat. In the wild, these are their three major food sources. If you have a pet hedgehog, then it’s important to feed him the right balance of nutrients.

In The Wild

When living in the wild, hedgehogs enjoy a diet that consists almost entirely of insects. Some of their favorite insect snacks are beetles because they provide plenty of chitin and fiber, which are found inside of insect exoskeletons.

The hedgehog might also take a bite out of plants, small animals and snails. Regardless of their environment, it’s very important for hedgehogs to have a balanced diet.

Although they mostly eat insects, hedgehogs also like to feast on various types of plants.

What Else Do Hedgehogs Eat

A wild hedgehog might consume worms, mice, snails and insects. These are some of the best food sources in a natural environment. However, these animals might also eat snakes and frogs. When they’re kept as pets, a hedgehog can eat dry cat food.

Like virtually all other creatures, these animals must also drink water. Dry commercial foods can supply a hedgehog with all of the nutrients that he needs to stay healthy, but it’s always a good idea to toss some extra treats in for nutrients.

The hedgehog isn’t an overeater, but it should have a diet consisting of mealworms, crickets, cooked meats and vegetables. Unlike guinea pigs, the hedgehog can control his eating, so you can leave plenty of food out for him to graze on.

The African Pygmy Hedgehog

The hedgehog is actually classified as an insectivore, which means its diet consists almost entirely of worms and bugs. The primary diet for this species should consist of meat, but it might also eat some vegetables.

The African Pygmy loves to eat fruit because it contains a lot of sugar, but you should avoid feeding it too much fruit. A diet loaded with too much sugar could cause your African Pygmy to become obese and suffer from diabetes.

Feeding Wild Hedgehogs

If you own a garden, it’s a nice surprise to see wild animals eating from it. As long as you live in the right area, you can actually get hedgehogs to visit your garden, but you’ll need to place the right foods in your garden.

Hedgehogs can be attracted using cat biscuits, dried mealworms, crushed peanuts and sunflower hearts. They also like to eat a saucer of cat or dog meat. A favorite among these spiky creatures is chicken in jelly.

Domestic Hedgehogs

When living in the wild, these animals love to eat insects, but domesticated hedgehogs enjoy a completely different diet, which consists mostly of high protein and low fat. Many pet owners feed their hedgehog lots of cat food.

It doesn’t hurt to toss in some extra treats, such as cooked unseasoned meats, vegetables, fruits and mealworms. Your spiky little friend will love you for adding a few treats to his or her diet.