What Do Hermit Crabs Eat

What Do Hermit Crabs Eat

Do you have a hermit crab as a pet and don’t know what to feed him? Maybe you’ve seen them in the wild and wondered what they actually eat for food.

You’re about to get an answer to all of these questions. It’s important to know that hermit crabs are very sensitive to chlorine and metal.

When feeding a pet crab, make sure that you use non-porous, non-metallic containers. You must also make sure that their water supply has been treated using a water conditioner or de-chlorinator.

It’s also important for the water bowl to be shallow and large because the crab must be able to effortlessly climb in and out of it.

Aside from the basic foods, you can give your pet hermit crab calcium supplements, which can be delivered in the form of cuttlebones, crushed oyster shell and calci-sand substrate.

What Do Hermit Crabs Eat In The Wild?

When exploring the wild, a hermit crab might eat decaying wood, fallen fruit, grass, plants and leaf litter. These feisty little creatures enjoy a wide variety of foods. They’ll eat almost anything that has been washed ashore by the tide. By nature, crabs aren’t picky eaters.

Nobody wants to witness such an event, but some crabs have been witnessed eating poop. A hermit crab will find food by smelling it, or he will see other crabs eating the food and get a piece for his own. If you have a pet crab, it’s always exciting to place a smelly treat inside of their habitat.

What They Need To Stay Healthy

The hermit crab needs several different nutrients to stay healthy. Scientists don’t know everything that they need to stay healthy, but in recent times, a lot of progress has been made on this front. Like people, these tough little creatures require antioxidants, carotene and calcium.

If you have a pet crab, it’s very important that he gets plenty of carotene. You can ensure this happens by supplementing his diet with carrots, corn and bright-colored vegetables. Dried organic marigold petals are another great choice for carotene.

An optimal diet for a land hermit crab consists of fresh seeds, nuts, fish and meat. They need to eat foods that are healthy and involve zero processing. Since a land hermit crab is omnivorous, he’s not a picky guy. He’ll eat a wide variety of different foods.

Most crabs also enjoy eating foods that are filled with tannin, like tree bark and oak leaves. If you want to feed leaves to your crab, it’s best to dry them out first because crabs like their leaves with the consistency of potato chips.

What About Commercial Crab Food?

Maybe you’re wondering if you should give your crab commercial food. According to the latest research, he shouldn’t need commercial food as long as you’re giving him a varied diet.

The neat thing about owning a hermit crab is that you can do all of the grocery shopping for your crab while visiting any grocery store.

You should never feed him any type of product that contains copper sulfate or ethoxyquin. You might be surprised to learn about all of the different types of gourmet food that you can buy for your crab.

He might not be able to talk, but you can trust that he enjoys the food you’re giving him.

Treats for Your Hermit Crab

Did you know that crabs like to experiment with new foods? Some studies show that crabs actually enjoy having different types of food each time that they eat. A few excellent treats include tropical fruits, all types of vegetables, meat, raisins, applesauce and nuts.

What Do Saltwater Hermit Crabs Eat?

If you have a saltwater crab or want to feed one that you’ve found in the wild, you have several options to choose from. Some of the best foods for the saltwater crab species are plants, algae and uneaten fish food.

For the larger crabs, you might consider feeding them pieces of poultry, dried seaweed, lettuce and crab pellets.

Saltwater Hermit Crabs

A hermit crab that is kept in captivity is usually called a land crab, but he actually came from the ocean, so technically, he would be classified as a saltwater crab. A land crab doesn’t need a massive amount of saltwater, but he does need enough to survive.

Did you know that all pet hermit crabs are caught from the ocean before they’re sold as pets? The good news is that they eat all of the types of food mentioned above because saltwater hermit crabs are the same creature.

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