What Do Lions Eat

What Do Lions Eat

Lions are some of the fiercest animals on the planet, and they’ve been known to eat virtually anything that they can get their paws on. In other words, if a lion can catch it, there is a good chance that he will eat it. Most of the animals that a lion will eat weigh between 110 to 660 pounds.

Some of their favorite meals are wildebeests, antelope, cape buffalo, pigs, giraffes and zebras. The average lion will kill and eat about 15 large animals every year. It will also eat animals that have been killed by members of his pride.

In the wild, a large portion, over 50 percent, of a lion’s food comes from scavenging. Unfortunately, lions also love to eat humans so watch out. As mentioned earlier, many of the meals that a lion enjoys are scavenged from hyenas.

It’s not uncommon for lions to also eat animals that have died because of natural causes. Lions actually watch vultures in the sky to find out where they can get a meal.

Depending on the area, a lion might even decide to attack livestock. In India, a large portion of the lion’s diet consists of cattle. It’s useful to note that most of the hunting is performed by the lioness. The male lion stays behind to protect the young while the female hunts.

What Do Mountain Lions Eat?

Since mountain lions are carnivores, they tend to love hunting and eating deer. However, they’ve been known to kill a variety of other animals. Some common prey animals for the mountain lion are coyotes and raccoons.

In the past, you could find mountain lions in almost every areas within the United States, but due to excessive hunting, the population of these beautiful animals has been dramatically reduced. Oftentimes, farmers kill lions to protect their livestock, and hunters kill the animals for sport.

What Do Lions Eat In The Wild?

The diet of a wild lion usually consists of a wide range of smaller animals. They’ve been known to eat giraffes, crocodiles, wild hogs, hippos, rhinos and elephants. Depending on the prey available in the area, a lion might also eat tortoises, hares, lizards, birds and mice.

What Do White Lions Eat?

Like many other large cats, the white lion is a carnivorous animal. It loves to feed on herbivores, wildebeests and zebras. You’ll find this animal lounging around in grassland habitats, which is where most lions hang out.

Depending on the environment, these lions might also snack on larger animals, such as elephants or buffalo. The white lion isn’t actually a different species; rather, it’s the result of a recessive genetic trait that can show up in regular breeding pairs.

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