What Do Mice Eat

What Do Mice Eat

Mice are those little creatures that a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with. It can be difficult to hate them because they’re so cute, but at the same time, they can also cause a lot of problems when they live inside of your home.

If you’re wondering what mice eat in the wild and in captivity, it might surprise you to learn that they eat mostly the same food. Mice are animals that love to eat corn, wheat, grains and oats. Depending on the occasion, they might also eat celery, broccoli and apples.

Pet mice will eat pellet food and love when the pellets are supplemented with various types of grain. A favorite grain for these animals is barley.

If you have a pet mouse, you might consider feeding it small portions of cooked pasta, hard-boiled eggs and pieces of stale bread. Wild mice are omnivores and aren’t nearly as picky about their food.

Field Mice

These animals are herbivores, so they like to eat various foods found in the wild. In the wild, most mice eat vegetation because it’s a readily-available source of food. Local seeds and fruits are on the menu, and they’ve been known to eat oats, corn, roots and tree bark.

Baby Mice

As babies, mice are given milk from their mother. When they grow up, they’ll start eating fruit, grains and corn. Most of these foods are naturally mixed in with a mother’s milk, so they get plenty of them.

Baby mice must also depend on the food that is brought into their nest by mother.

Deer Mice

Have you ever saw a deer mouse and wondered what it eats? These tiny little creatures tend to eat the organic matter found in fungi, nuts, fruit and seeds. However, they’ll also consume small invertebrates and insects.

During the fall, deer mice will stockpile their favorite foods inside of something called a larder nest, which is connected to the animal’s living nest.

Mice are some of the cutest animals out of the rodent family, and they help to spread seeds all over the wild. When they’re not living inside of the walls of your home, they can be very enjoyable creatures to own.

The truth is that mice will eat almost anything, but it really depends on the specific species. Some of these animals are omnivores while others are primarily herbivores.

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