What Do Raccoons Eat

what do raccoons eat

Not a lot of people have seen a live raccoon. These creatures are almost always discovered after they’ve been flattened across a backroad. It’s really a shame because they’re cute, magnificent little creatures.

Every raccoon has the distinctive black mask that makes him look like a bandit. The main reason why these animals aren’t seen very often is because they’re nocturnal, which means they only come out at night.

However, if they become extremely hungry, they might forage for food during the day. During winter, raccoons spend most of their time inside of a den. Since they’re omnivores, they’re open to eating a variety of different foods.


Raccoons love to eat fruit, and they regularly eat fruits like cherries, black berries and apples. They also enjoy consuming beechnuts and acorns during the winter. Some other popular foods for these soft, furry creatures are grains and seeds.

If they live near corn fields, they’ve been known to add some corn to their diet. Many farmers have a person grudge against raccoons because they’re known to steal corn and similar crops frequently.

Animals and Other Types of Food

Most raccoons have no problem eating various types of aquatic animals. They’ll eat crayfish, turtles and even frogs. It’s not uncommon for these creatures to eat rabbits, muskrats, voles, bats and mice.

When they have the opportunity to catch one, they might even eat birds or ducks.

Not even reptiles are out of the question. During the fall and summer, raccoons eat a primary diet of vegetation, and they begin to eat various types of animals during spring.

It’s important to know that raccoons are opportunistic feeders, which means they’ll eat almost anything if it’s convenient for them.

The next time you leave edible garbage in your backyard, you might think twice if you don’t want these little balls of fur to pay you a visit. Some common opportunistic foods for raccoons are duck and turtle eggs. They also like to eat large amounts of insects and earthworms.

The raccoon is particularly fond of insects when nuts, fruit and grains aren’t available. Many of these creatures choose to supplement their diet by visiting a nearby home and rummaging around for food.

What Do They Eat In The Wild?

Most raccoons can be found in the wild because they’re not the best pets to keep at home, although it has been done. The raccoon is omnivorous and will eat almost anything. It will take almost any option that it can get, as long as it’s convenient.

This creature is designed to adapt to whatever environment it’s in and can use its handy paws to manipulate items very well. The hands on this creature are perfectly designed for tree climbing, and they’re very dexterous.

He also has very sharp claws, so he has  no trouble killing small prey. Although he loves to eat nuts and fruit, the raccoon is an opportunistic feeder, and his diet will change depending on his environment.

Raccoons like to spend most of their time sleeping during the winter, and they eat a massive amount of food to store fat before winter because they know that it can be difficult to find food during winter.

In The City

If you manage to find any raccoons in the city, you’ll notice that they’ll eat virtually anything they can get their little paws on. They love to eat leftovers and have been known to forage around city alleyways.

When they think they’ll find some gourmet food, raccoons will rummage around in the dumpster or knock over a few trash cans. At the end of the day, these mysterious little creatures are a lot like you and I.

They’ll eat almost anything that is convenient and don’t mind putting in some work to find food.

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