What Do Scorpions Eat

what do scorpions eat

Some people will go their entire life without coming face to face with a scorpion. Although they can be quite dangerous, scorpions can also make for some interesting pets. Since they’re carnivorous arachnids, they enjoy eating smaller arthropods and insects.

When given the opportunity, they’ll even eat other types of scorpions. Some of the larger species have been known to eat small lizards and mice. Scorpions are very similar to spiders because they’re opportunistic feeders, so they tend to eat whatever is available in their natural environment.

Something that most people don’t know about these creatures is that they love to eat huge amounts of food in a single sitting. They have a low-activity lifestyle that uses minimal energy.

They also have a low metabolic rate. With a very efficient food storage organ, it makes sense for scorpions to eat a large amount of food during every session.

These fierce-looking creatures use strong pincers to catch their prey. The pincers are used to crush or inject venom into their prey. Sensitive hairs found on the pincers enable the scorpion to carry out a lightning-fast attack when the slightest stimulation is detected.

When eating, the scorpion actually sprays its immobilized prey with digestive fluids and proceeds to suck the prey up in liquid form.

Baby Scorpions

A baby scorpion can eat several different types of food, but it prefers spiders and insects. If you have baby pet scorpions, some of the best things to feed them are pin heads or fruit flies. You can squish some crickets and toss them into the cage, and the babies will feed on the soft parts.

Emperor Scorpions

Like many other species, these guys will eat spiders and insects. They’ve even been known to feed on small lizards and snakes. Emperor scorpions aren’t very picky, and they’ll eat things like crickets and fruit flies. In the wild, they eat a diet that consists mostly of insects but can include other types of food.

Bark Scorpions

Many consider the Arizona bark scorpion to be a magnificent little creature. Since this creature is nocturnal, it prefers to come out at night, and it’s the type of species to ambush its prey.

In most environments, it will feed on beetles, roaches and small insects. Since these creatures can be cannibalistic, it’s not uncommon for them to eat other types of scorpions.

Water Scorpions

Despite the name, these little critters aren’t true scorpions. They’re actually aquatic insects, and they look very similar but have wings. They also have three pairs of legs, rather than four.

These bad boys of the insect world are known to ambush predators, and they’ll lunge forward and grab approaching prey. Some common food items for these insects are water lice, water worms and larvae.

Deathstalker Scorpions

These guys have one of the fiercest names out there. When it comes to diet, they prefer to eat crickets, arachnids and small insects. They’ll also eat centipedes and other scorpions. The earthworm is another common prey item for these creatures.

If their food source is scarce, these creatures have no problem eating fewer fresh organisms and will eat the rotting insect carcasses that they can find.