What Do Seals Eat

what do seals eat

Seals are well-known creatures. Most people have seen at least one seal in their lifetime. These slimy creatures primarily feed on fish, but they’ve also been known to eat octopus and squid.

The average seal is opportunistic, so it will eat certain types of food if it’s convenient. Seals have no problem eating virtually any type of meat, as long as it’s convenient.

These animals are predatory carnivores, so they eat a wide variety of ocean creatures. There are some seal species that only eat things like kill or crustaceans.

When it comes to actually catching food, some seals hunt alone while others prefer groups. Every seal has a body that is made for the water, so it has no trouble hunting down food under the water’s surface.

The powerful fins on a seal give it the ability to swiftly move through the water and track down prey. Some seals can dive as deep as 3,000 feet. The whickers on a seal are very sensitive to vibrations and movements, so they make hunting easier during the day or night.

Since the average seal eats about 5 percent of its bodyweight per day, the feeding process can require a lot of time. Seals have incredibly sharp teeth, but they don’t actually chew their food, so maybe somebody needs to teach them some manners.

Elephant Seals

These guys get their name from the ridiculous-looking trunk on the front of their face. There are two main species of the elephant seal. These animals are known for producing an extremely loud roar, and they’re almost completely aquatic creatures.

The only reason that they go onshore is to breed. They prefer to roam within warm waters and feed in deep waters. Some of their favorite foods are small rays, sharks and fish. They also eat squid.

Harp Seals

The harp seal likes to eat a diet that contains a variety of fish. He has no problem consuming sculpin, herring, Artic cod, Greenland halibut, plaice, redfish and capelin.

Some other foods that harp seals enjoy eating in the wild are amphipods, prawns, shrimps, decapods, euphausids and crustaceans.

Leopard Seals

The leopard seal is like many other species because it enjoys eating lots of fish. However, it will feed on a wide range of smaller creatures. The smaller leopard seals feast mostly on krill, but depending on the occasion, they’ll eat fish or squid.

Once they’re large enough, these animals switch from eating krill to larger food sources, such as emperor, Gentoo, rock hopper, adelie, king and chinstrap penguins. They’ve even been known to eat smaller seals, like the crabeater.

Harbor Seals

These guys love to eat mostly fish, crustaceans and shellfish. The diet plan for each individual can vary from one location to another. The type of food that these guys eat also depends on the season. There are some areas where harbor seals will eat salmon.

What makes these seals different from many other species is their massive size, which can reach a weight of around 245 pounds. With such a massive size, these creatures can feed on many smaller items with ease.

Artic Seals

The artic seal enjoys a fruitful diet. He will eat many different types of fish. Some popular menu items for this seal are sculpin, herring, Artic cod and Greenland halibut. However, they also like to eat prawns, krill, shrimps and crustaceans.

In terms of their overall diet, artic seals aren’t too picky. If the food source is plentiful and convenient, there is a good chance that they’ll eat it. The also like to consume anything that has the word “fish” in it.

Ringed Seals

The ringed seals will eat a wide range of smaller prey. Currently, their diet includes over 72 different species of invertebrates and fish. In most situations, feeding is a solitary behavior for these guys.

Some of their favorite and most convenient food sources are herring, artic cod, shrimp and mysid, but they’re known to consume many others types of prey.

Hawaiian Monk Seals

Here are some seals that will eat several different types of prey. In some cases, they might eat fish species that live around a reef, and in other situations, they’ll dive as deep as 1,500 feet to find food.

A few of their favorite food items are lobster, shrimp, crabs and crustaceans. Some other food favorites are eels, octopus and squid.