What Do Slugs Eat

What Do Slugs Eat

The slug is a creature that isn’t picky about its diet. In fact, it will eat almost anything that it comes into contact with. As it strolls across your yard, flower box or garden, it looks for different types of flower and plants that it can eat.

The only downside is that large groups of slugs can quickly destroy the vegetation inside of a garden. These creatures love rainy days, so if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, there is a good chance that you’ll see a lot of slugs.

What Do Slugs Eat and Drink?

A typical slug likes to feast on vegetables, plants and fruits. It also enjoys eating flowers and spends most of its time eating plant leaves. Most people don’t know that slugs actually hate sunlight and absolutely love moisture.

Pots happen to be some of the best places for slugs to breed because they retain plenty of moisture. These creatures are quite incredible because they can produce millions of offspring in a single session.

Sea Slugs

The sea slug likes to eat different things, and the food that it eats depends on the species. Some common prey for these creatures consists of certain species of coral and other slugs.

They also eat stinging hyoids, algae and cyanobacteria. You can find 3,000 different species of slugs in the world.

Each species likes to eat different types of food. A neat fact about slugs: they commonly blend in with their food to avoid getting eaten by predators.

Banana Slug

The banana slug is a detritivore, which is a fancy name for decomposer. It’s the type of creature that processes moss, animal droppings, dead plant material and leaves. Through the digestion process, it’s able to convert these items into soil humus.

Although scientists aren’t entirely certain, they believe banana slugs prefer to consume spores, spread seeds and mushrooms. They also excrete fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen.

Based on the name, you’d think that these creatures enjoy eating bananas. They actually get their name from their yellow elongated bodies.

Garden Slugs

You’ve probably found a few of these guys in your garden. They’re very similar to most other slug species in terms of their diet because they aren’t picky eaters. These creatures will eat decomposing plants, dead animals and virtually anything else that they can digest.

What Do Black Slugs Eat?

These creatures are some of the coolest looking of all the different species. They’re also nocturnal and prefer to avoid sunlight exposure.

Since they’re omnivorous, they’ll eat vegetation, fungi, lichen, algae and animal feces. The favorite time to eat for a black slug is on a cloudy nights when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius.

Pet Slugs

Some people like to keep these creatures as pets, and as long as you know what to feed them, there is nothing wrong with doing so. All food should be washed before it’s given to a slug. Each individual might prefer some foods over others, so you can experiment with them.

A few popular choices are cucumber, lettuce and kale. They might also enjoy eating chard, mustard greens, bok choy and red leaf.