What Do Spiders Eat

what do spiders eat

Some people run after seeing them while others are fascinated by them. We’re talking about spiders. Although there are thousands of different species of spiders, most of them eat roughly the same diet. However, different species of spiders enjoy eating different types of food.

Every spider on the planet is carnivorous, which means it loves to eat meat. Something that all spiders DO NOT eat is plant matter. Instead, these tiny little buggers prefer to eat a wide range of insects. They might also choose to eat other spiders.

Some of the largest spiders on the planet are capable of eating small vertebrates and even birds. The way that spiders catch prey is quite remarkable. If you’ve seen any of the Spiderman movies, then you should know what we’re talking about.

Some types of spiders actually lay low in plants or grass, and when prey walks by, they’ll jump onto it. Hunter spiders actually seek out their prey, and others prefer to sit and wait for prey to come to them.

Many spiders use the classic web to catch their prey because it works exceptionally well. After it catches prey, it will inject the creature with digestive enzymes, which liquefy the creature from the inside out.

After the inside of the insect begins to break down, the spider slurps the liquid out of the insect and breaks it down into usable food. There are over 35,000 different types of spider species, and the majority of these creatures eat other insects.

However, there are some species that eat a few other types of food. Although it’s rather sad, most spiders won’t think twice about eating their brothers and sisters. The Goliath bird eater tarantula is the biggest spider known to man, and it lives in South America.

This spider can grow to a length of 12 inches, and its fangs can grow up to one inch, which means it has no trouble eating small birds and mice.

Wolf Spiders

The wolf spider preys upon a number of different insects. It likes to eat crickets and ants, but it won’t hesitate to cannibalize its own kind. The wolf spider has also been known to catch and eat tiny birds, mice, frogs and lizards.

This particular spider gets its name from the fact that it actually stalks prey almost exactly like a real wolf does in the wild. Unlike many of its brothers and sisters, the wolf spider doesn’t build webs to catch prey. It’s a big fan of taking a hands-on approach.

Unlike many other species, these small creatures have great eyesight, and they prefer to use superior strength to overpower and eat smaller creatures.

Jumping Spiders

These spiders love to eat insects. In fact, their diet consists almost entirely of female mosquitos that have blood in their stomach. Some species of jumping spiders eat mostly plant material, and you can even find some that eat mostly nectar.

Most jumping spiders are carnivores, so they mostly eat other types of insects. These unique creatures also go out of their way to hunt down female mosquitos. It might be safe to assume that they enjoy a good bloody Mary.

Camel Spiders

The camel spider is hairy, tan and large, and it’s also a very ferocious looking critter. These creatures are actually arachnids, rather than spiders. When kept in captivity, these creatures are commonly referred to as divas by scientists because they require a lot of maintenance to keep them alive.

The camel spider has been known to devour entire rodents, but it also eats snakes, lizards and fellow arachnids. It has even been known to attack and kill poisonous creatures.

Brown Recluse

Here are some more hunter spiders. They prefer to go out there and get their food, rather than waiting for prey to come to them. However, they are capable of producing silky web, which they occasionally use to catch prey.

The brown recluse embarks on nightly hunts and catches most of its prey during this time. Some common snacks for this creature are crickets, firebrats, cockroaches and other crawling bugs.