What Do Squirrels Eat

What Do Squirrels Eat

Squirrels are quite common across North America, and there are many different species roaming around the planet. Some of the most well-known varieties are black, striped, fox, grey, ground and red squirrels.

You probably already know that these animals really enjoy eating nuts, but there are several other foods on the menu.

Several different species of squirrels have no problem chomping down on plants, trees, nuts and fungi. Unlike some other members of the Animal Kingdom, these fury little creatures aren’t too picky.

The environment that a squirrel lives in has a strong impact on what he eats. Some of his favorite foods are fruits. He might also enjoy various types of vegetables, such as beans, squash, corn, radishes, tomatoes and peas.

It’s quite obvious that these little creatures love nuts, but if you want to feed them in the backyard, you might consider giving them some cheese or cereal. They also like to eat insects, eggs and birdseed.

In fact, you might have trouble finding a type of food that these adorable little creatures don’t like to eat. Let’s talk a bit about some of the other species and what they enjoy eating.

Baby Squirrels

Due to the way that these animals live, it’s quite rare to see a baby squirrel. If you do ever see one, it’s probably not a good idea to feed it, unless you have one as a pet.  A baby squirrel will eat a number of hard vegetables.

Some of their favorites are hard nuts, sweet potatoes and broccoli. At the tender age of nine weeks, babies can eat corn, nuts and several types of seeds.

Flying Squirrels

Popularized by the famous cartoon, flying squirrels are exciting creatures to watch. Humans have used the body design of these little creatures to make suits that are used to glide through canyons.

Most of these guys like to eat a wide range of foods, and they’re classified as omnivores. Like other squirrels, they enjoy munching on insects, fruit, fungi, nuts and seeds.

The Southern flying squirrel is actually more carnivorous than other varieties because they supplement their diets with carrion, birds and eggs.

Ground Squirrels

Maybe you’ve seen the little buggers jumping from one tree branch to another. Since they’re mostly omnivores, these creatures like to eat many types of meat. They frequently enjoy eating plants, fruits and eggs.

There aren’t many foods that these creatures won’t eat. They’re in love with fruit trees, so if you’re looking for the fastest way to his heart, a fruit tree is a great investment. Ground squirrels also love seeds, green forage, twigs, tree bark and small vertebrates.

Red Squirrels

These creatures are rather small, and they have reddish-gray fur, which is where they get the name from. While they’re open to a wide variety of foods, red squirrels really enjoy eating pine needles, fruits, nuts, bark, seeds and insects.

They might even eat young birds, rabbits and mice. A major portion of this creature’s diet consists of pine seeds. During the fall, it loves to store green pine cones in the ground. Most people don’t realize that these animals are actually responsible for spreading tree seeds throughout the forest.

Gray Squirrels

Like most other species, these little guys like to eat a variety of foods. You might spot them munching on berries, seeds and acorns. However, they have a sweet tooth for many different types of nuts.

They’ve even been known to eat different types of fungi, which can be found in forests. One of their favorite foods is the fly agaric mushroom, which is also known as the Amanita Muscaria.

Black Squirrels

Here is a little guy that will eat almost anything that you have to offer. They’re especially fond of insects, fruit, bird eggs and seeds. In case you didn’t know, the black squirrel is part of a subgroup of the Eastern grey squirrel.

If you have one of these guys as a pet, expect an average lifespan of about 10 years. He won’t be around forever, but he should be very enjoyable to have around.

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