What Do Tree Frogs Eat

what do tree frogs eat

Some of the cutest little creatures that you can find on planet Earth are tree frogs. There are over 500 different species, and most tree frogs eat similar diets. The typical diet for these creatures might consist of bugs, insects, worms and other types of frogs.

When compared to some of their cousins, tree frogs are significantly smaller, but they’re known to eat a decent amount of food. The specific area that a tree frog lives has a strong impact on what he has available to eat.

The Green Tree Frog

For example, the green tree frog eats a typical diet. He enjoys eating earthworms, mealworms, flies, crickets and mosquitos. Depending on the environment, this frog can eat a variety of other food sources, but there are some of the most common foods.

The Pacific Tree Frog

This frog enjoys a wide variety of different food sources. Some of its favorite snacks are crickets, beetles, flies, spiders and ants. The Pacific tree frog is also known to eat smaller frogs. When compared with other types of frogs, these little guys tend to eat a much more diverse diet.

The Australian Green Tree Frog

As the name would imply, you can find this frog living in Australia. It really likes to eat cockroaches, crickets, flies and spiders. Depending on the situation, it might enjoy an occasional mouse.

The Australian green tree frog has even been known to eat bats and smaller frogs. This particular species is known to eat virtually anything that it can fit into its mouth.

The Red Eyed Tree Frog

The diet for a red-eyed tree frog is very similar to what other frogs eat. It can be supplemented with crickets, moths, flies and smaller frogs. As babies, this species can eat fruit flies and pinhead crickets. Although they’re different species, most frogs have a very similar diet.

The Gray Tree Frog

Another common species is the gray tree frog, and these little buggers like to eat snails, mites, spiders and insects. They forage for food on the ground and within vegetation.

They’re known to live in forested areas near water. Some of the most-hunted areas for these frogs are moist, forested areas, and you can find them hunting during the evening and night.