What Do Turkeys Eat

Turkeys can be enjoyable pets to own, and they’re also fun to feed in the wild. Most people know of these animals because they’re eaten for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the wild, turkeys like to eat all sorts of different foods because they’re opportunistic feeders.

They’re known to eat a variety of animal and plant life. Some major components of the turkey’s diet are snails, wheat, corn, fruit, seeds, berries, grass and green leaves.

However, they’ve also been known to eat insects, frogs and worms. Wild turkeys are constantly foraging for their food, and they loves to eat in the early morning and late afternoon. A turkey will use both feet to scratch for food.

Turkeys have also been known to pluck fruit or leaves directly from a plant. The location and seasons are factors that help a turkey decide what it’s going to eat.

What Do Turkeys Like To Eat

A wild turkey will eat a variety of different foods. Some of its favorites are beech nuts, hickory nuts and acorns. These nuts might be swallowed whole or cracked open. Grain and seeds are also on the menu, and corn is another favorite.

Wild turkeys enjoy eating crabapples, grapes and berries, and depending on the circumstances, they’ve been known to eat small snakes, lizards and other types of reptiles. Some of their favorites are cacti, bulbs, roots and buds.

What They Eat During Winter, Spring and Summer

Wild turkeys will eat lots of different foods during these different seasons, and some of their favorites are the same foods that they eat throughout the year.

They prefer to eat snails, spiders, insects, small lizards and slugs. Some other favorites include fruits, seeds, buds, acorns, cherries, hickory nuts and dogwood.

Bush Turkeys

These creatures like to eat seeds, native fruits and insects. The adult birds tend to feed throughout the day and always avoid predators. The bush turkey tends to be a quiet bird and makes soft grunts.

The younger birds will forage during pre-dawn light because it’s the best time to avoid predators.

Scrub Turkeys

These birds have no problems eating fallen fruits, seeds and insects. To find these treats, they rake leaf litter or break open rotten logs using their large feet. Most of the food that these birds eat comes from the ground.

They’ve even been observed eating the ripening fruits that are found among tree branches.

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