What Do Worms Eat

What Do Worms Eat

A worm’s diet is based almost exclusively on its location. Traditionally, the worm has been known to eat melon rinds, dead leaves and cardboard. Studies have shown worms to be one of a very small group of creatures on the planet that eats almost any type of solid waste.

Since worms have such an incredible environment, it’s believed that they could, one day, save the world. Every creature on the planet enjoys variety, so they’ll eat all sorts of different foods.

Worms are no different and love to snack on certain foods more than others. Many worm farmers feed the little guys corn cobs and pumpkin. Worms love to eat the fruit rinds of watermelon and cantaloupe.

These foods might not be favorites, but they’re frequently eaten by our slimy little friends.

Worms have also been known to eat coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels and tea bags. When presented with better choices, worms will avoid citrus-based foods, but if they’re given no other choice, they have no problem eating foods that are citrus based.

What Do Inch Worms Eat?

The larva of 35,000 different species of moth can be called inchworms. Most inchworms eat some type of vegetable matter, leaves or fruits. The exact food that this creature eats depends on its living environment.

The Cankerworm is a well-known type of inchworm, and it likes to eat the foliage and fruit from sweetgum, oak and apple trees. The looping motion of an inchworm is how it got its name.

What Do Wooly Worms Eat?

These little buggers can eat a variety of foods. Before they settle in for the winter, they might eat several types of plants. Some of their favorite foods are clover, grass and spinach. When confronted by a predator, the wooly worm will curl up into a ball and leave its bristles exposed.

Wax Worms

These tiny creatures can go for long periods of time without eating when they’re kept in captivity. When raised in captivity, they’ll eat a combination of honey, bran and cereal grain.


These are quite possibly some of the most well-known worms on the planet. They’ve been the subjects of countless Hollywood movies, and depending on where you live, there is a good chance that you can find some inside of your backyard.

The earthworm is an important part of the food chain, and you can find it eating small microorganisms and organic matter. It’s quite common for these creatures to feast on dead leaves and grass when above ground. They even like to eat vegetables, berries and fruits.

When living below ground, the earthworm might eat bacteria, fungi and algae. If you want to keep these creatures as pets, you can feed them a combination of fruit and vegetables remains.


On a typical day, you can find mealworms eating sticks, leaves and decaying grass. They also like to eat new plant growth. Mealworms have even been known to eat feces and dead insects. A meal worm actually survives off of decomposing or decaying matter.

It loves to eat insects and plants. It will also eat decaying fruit, vegetables and rotting food. You’ve probably heard of these slimy creatures because they’re regularly used to feed reptiles, fish, birds and frogs.

They’re also eaten in certain cultures because of their high fat and protein content.

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