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You might have heard people say, “this person is smart” or “that person is intelligent.” Ever wondered what the difference is? Can a person be one but not the other?

Intelligence is commonly defined as a person’s inherent ability to learn. But intelligence is not a fixed trait. Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for achieving success in all aspects of life. It is possible to get smarter.

How is intelligence measured?

Intelligence is measured in many ways. One way is through an IQ test. For some, getting a high score on an IQ test is a major life achievement. This is because someone who scores highly on IQ tests is considered intelligent and accomplished.

From the 1940s to the 1980s, IQ tests have been the standard to measure intelligence. However, It’s been criticized because of its complexity. It relies on memorization in some instances, such as the case of reading and recall. The scores reflect a considerable difference depending on the child’s socioeconomic group. It has been shown to be biased against the disadvantaged

Are intelligence tests biased?

According to research, the socioeconomic status(SES) of a child’s family influences the development of their intelligence. IQ scores are typically lower in children from low SES homes compared to those from families with a higher SES. Understandably, higher SES families make more money and have better access to resources necessary for their children’s intellectual development. Sophie von Stumma led this study from the Department of Psychology of the Goldsmiths University of London. You can find the findings in their journal entitled Socioeconomic status and the growth of intelligence from infancy through adolescence.

A growing realization is that success requires more than intelligence and academic aptitude. Many countries nowadays use a combination of more specific tests that are less sensitive to social class. In the U.S., they have adopted a new test designed to represent a different type of intellectual ability: executive function. Executive function is the capacity to regulate our emotions and attention. It also means being able to organize and plan our work and time, work with enormous volumes of information, and reflect on and adjust our strategies as conditions change. A person with a high IQ may be able to comprehend or discuss difficult ideas. Still, they may find it difficult to write an essay, solve a series of problems, or complete a research paper.

Intelligence alone does not mean a person is smart. Being smart can refer to intellect and appearance and the capacity to use facts to solve a problem.

So, how can we make ourselves smarter? Here are 4 tips to start with: