sharpen your mind

      Intelligence is commonly defined as a person’s inherent ability to learn. It is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for achieving success in all aspects of life. While some people may seem naturally gifted with exceptional cognitive skills, it is not a fixed trait. It is possible to get smarter through various techniques and strategies.

      How is Intelligence Measured?

      There are many ways to measure intelligence. One of which is through an IQ test. However, it’s been criticized because of its complexity, as it relies on memorization in some instances, such as the case of reading and recall. The scores could reflect a considerable difference depending on the child’s socioeconomic group, which can lead to biases against disadvantaged individuals or groups.

      To overcome these drawbacks and offer a more thorough understanding of cognitive abilities, alternative measures of intelligence have been proposed in recent years. Many countries nowadays use a combination of more specific tests that are less sensitive to social class.

      In this article, we’ll look at some easy but effective ways to sharpen your mind and learn more. These tricks, which range from eating particular foods to practicing mindfulness, are simple to implement and can significantly impact your cognitive abilities. Here are five tips to start with: