difference between 2 and 5 pronged plugs

The number of plugs in your wall socket may seem like a trivial detail, but it can significantly impact your home’s security. Most homes have two standard sockets with two prongs that allow you to plug in most electrical devices. However, some older homes and rental units may only have three-pronged outlets. These older outlets make it slightly more difficult to plug specific electrical devices, but not by much. Two- and three-pronged plugs differ because they have different shapes and longer cables.

A two-pronged plug will fit into a three-prong socket without issue, though it will take up more space and require an adapter (usually included with the adapter). A three-pronged plug won’t fit into a two-pronged socket without an adapter or extension cord. The key here is that if you own an older home or pay attention to details like this, you know what to look for so you don’t feel unsafe at night or when guests are over. If you’re unaware of this difference or don’t care about the little things in life, go ahead and get whatever Outlet fits your needs best!