What Do Baby Frogs Eat

Baby frogs might be some of the cutest creatures that you’ve ever seen but do you know what they eat? A baby frog is a creature that is in the larval stage of its life. Also called tadpoles, these little guys have a diet that is quite varied.

Some of their favorite foods are insects and plant matter. Once they transform from the larval stage and become mature frogs, they’ll start to eat insects. Some of the larger species of frogs enjoy eating smaller mammals.

Tadpoles come from the frog spawning phase. Since tadpoles are aquatic larvae, they tend to eat mostly plant matter, and the plant materials must be small enough to be consumed. In most cases, tadpoles won’t try to eat large pieces of material.

In The Wild

When living in the wild, tadpoles or baby frogs will consume tiny bits of plant matter and algae. If they’re kept as pets, tadpoles should be fed lettuce and spinach leaves that have been chopped into small pieces and boiled.

A typical tadpole grows and develops very rapidly. They’re also voracious eaters, so when they don’t get enough food, they’ll cannibalize their brothers and sisters. If you keep tadpoles as pets, you need to make sure that they’re always adequately fed.

Once they get larger, tadpoles will transition into eating flies, water spiders and other types of insects. After they’ve become mature frogs, they’ll lose interest in consuming plant matter and prefer a diet consisting of spiders, crickets, slugs and flies.

Baby Tree Frogs

The baby tree frog is carnivorous, so it likes to eat smaller insects. Some of its favorite food sources are wax worms and crickets. Tree frogs should be fed insects in proportion to their size, so the food needs to be small enough to be consumed by the frog.

If you have a baby tree frog as a pet, you can feed him food from the local pet store. Tree frogs need to be fed vitamin-dusted insects and calcium at least a few times each week. Babies need to be fed these food sources even more often.

Baby Wood Frogs

These tiny creatures will eat slugs, arthropods, spiders and caterpillars. Anything that is fed to baby wood frogs needs to be highly nutritious and healthy. Caring for these tiny little creatures isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think.

Tadpoles or baby frogs are tiny creatures, so they must be fed tiny bits of food. They aren’t able to eat the bigger chunks because they’re incredibly small creatures.

If you own several pet tadpoles, it’s important to care for them properly.

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