What Do Chameleons Eat

what do chameleons eat

The chameleon is mostly a carnivorous creature, and it will eat most types of insects. However, there are some larger chameleon species that don’t mind eating a few lizards and birds.

Chameleons regularly eat insects, such as stick bugs, locusts, grasshoppers and crickets. Some species, such as the veiled chameleon, like to eat several different types of flowers and plants.

To catch prey, this creature uses its long, sticky tongue. Whenever it spots prey, it will quickly snap its tongue out to catch the insect. Most chameleons move very slowly, so they must use their eyes to spot prey.

Veiled Chameleons

The veiled chameleon isn’t terribly picky, and he will eat many different types of insects. A few of the top menu items for this species are silkworms, moths, roaches, waxworms, mealworms and crickets.

All of these different insects serve as a balanced diet for the veiled chameleon. It’s not uncommon for adults to consume a variety of plant matter.

Jackson Chameleons

These guys enjoy eating flies, mealworms and crickets, but they’ll eat most types of insects, as long as they deliver nutritional value. A number of Jackson’s chameleons will eat plant matter, but this is highly dependent on each individual. Some really enjoy consuming plant matter while others don’t.

If you own this creature as a pet, you should make sure to gut-load any prey that you feed him. You can gut load insects with various types of vitamins, minerals and fresh foods before you feed them to your little friend.

In The Wild

Wild chameleons will eat a variety of locusts, insects and grasshoppers. One of their absolute favorite foods is crickets. There are also some larger chameleons that will eat small birds and other types of lizards.

There are some species of wild chameleons that will eat plant matter, but most species enjoy eating a plentiful supply of fresh insect meat.

Panther Chameleons

The best diet for these guys consists of a balanced diet. Generally, crickets serve as an excellent food source for this species. However, the panther chameleon might also enjoy a diet containing stick bugs, waxworms, roaches and hornworms.

If you have this type of chameleon as a pet, you should offer all of these different food sources to him and see what he enjoys eating the most. As always, you should make sure to gut-load the insects before you feed them to your little friend.

Pygmy Leaf Chameleons

These little guys are eating machines, so they’ll eat a variety of different insects. They really love to eat gut-loaded crickets, which you can buy from almost anywhere.

They also like to eat mantid nymphs. If you choose these insects, Chinese mantids are some of the best choices. Some other options are butter worms, house flies and waxworms. Many of these food sources are insects that the Pygmy leaf chameleon would eat in the wild.

Most chameleon species aren’t terribly picky, so they’ll eat most of the insects that you choose to feed them. Crickets remain a great staple for any species and can be used to feed virtually all of the different species.

Although these creatures are mostly carnivores, some of them will eat plant matter, but you’ll need to do a bit of research to make sure you have the right species and can find plant matter that is suitable for the type of chameleon that you have as a pet.

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