What Do Cheetahs Eat

What Do Cheetahs Eat

The cheetah is one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. For many years, it has been the target of tens of thousands of hunters, who seek it for the beautiful coat of fur that it carries. This animal is just like you and me because it must eat food to stay alive.

The typical diet of a cheetah consists of smaller gazelles. The Thomson’s gazelle is one of its favorite snacks, but it’s not uncommon for cheetahs to eat wildebeests and zebra when they decide to hunt in pairs.

A number of cheetahs will eat smaller animals when they get the chance. Some great examples of small prey are lizards, birds and hares. The diet that the cheetah consumes is based heavily on what kills it’s able to make.

These gorgeous creatures are well-known for holding the world record as being the fastest animals, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re great hunters. They can hunt prey over an extremely long distance, but they’re not designed for endurance.

When hunting in the intense heat of the savanna, the cheetah burns through energy rapidly, so it must try to kill its prey as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, these animals frequently lose their kills to hyenas and lions because they’re quite fickle. The cheetah has been known to eat quickly, so it can fill its belly before other animals try to take its kill.

The Diet of a Cheeta

Since they’re carnivorous animals, cheetahs have a heavy dependence on meat, and they need to eat quite a bit of it to survive. They use their incredible speed to quickly take down prey animals. The habitat that these creatures live in is the savanna, which is home to several types of animals.

Some animals that share the same home as the cheetah are warthogs, antelopes, hares, birds and rabbits. The typical cheetah has no problem eating impalas, wildebeest calves, gazelles and smaller hoofed animals.

The cheeta has adapted to its environment, so it only requires one drink of water every three to four days. These animals are able to camouflage themselves against tall grass and quietly sneak up on their prey. However, they won’t attack until they’re confident that they’ll be able to get the kill.

When ready, they use their powerful legs like springs and launch towards the prey animal. They use their tail as a rudder, so they can steer the momentum created by their powerful legs.

Like humans, cheetahs drink water, but their body has adapted to the intense heat of their habitat, so they don’t need nearly as much water as humans do.

Out of the entire big cat family, the cheetah is the only cat that isn’t able to roar. Instead, they vocalize using a loud purr, which is similar to what you’d hear from your typical housecat.

They also produce a unique bird-like sound, which is known as a chirrup. The bird-like call is used to call their young cubs, but it might also be used to show excitement.

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