What Do Crawfish Eat

what do crawfish eat

Also called a crayfish, the crawfish will eat almost anything inside of its natural environment. It likes to eat many types of plant life and smaller aquatic animals. Some of its favorite dishes are dead shrimp and fish, but you probably won’t find it dining at Red Lobster.

Pet crawfish are actually some of the easiest creatures to take care of because they’ll eat almost anything. When raised in captivity, they don’t require any sort of special diet. However, you might want to avoid trying to raise crawfish around other types of aquatic life.

Crawfish have been known to feast on rarer aquatic life, so you might want to keep them alone. Crayfish look very similar to lobster, but they’re slightly different. They’re crustaceans and have the same coloring as lobster.

What Do Crawfish Eat In Captivity?

When kept as pets, these small creatures will eat almost anything that you place inside of their environment. In the wild, they tend to eat lots of plant matter, so they have no problem eating the same thing while in captivity.

If you have one as a pet, consider feeding it mostly plant matter, and you can provide an occasional animal product as a supplement. Most experts recommend feeding crawfish commercial algae pellets as primary food sources.

You can also go the route of feeding them various leafy greens and spinach. They’ve been known to eat dead snails, shrimp and fish. Make sure to avoid polluting their habitat when feeding them these items.

What Do Crawfish Eat In The Wild?

Since they’re omnivorous creatures, crawfish love to eat both animal and plant food. They’re scavenger crustaceans and will eat almost anything that moves in front of them. They even like to eat dead animals.

Some of their favorite foods in the wild are insect larvae, tadpoles and amphibian eggs. Plants and insects are very common foods for these animals.

Crawfish look very similar to lobster, and the major difference between these two types of creatures is that crawfish live in fresh water. The crawfish is known to burrow into streams and river beds for protection. They can also be found seeking protection under rocks.

Freshwater Crawfish

If you’ve ever wondered what freshwater crawfish eat, then you’re not alone. They can seem like mysterious creatures, but they’re nowhere near as puzzling as you might think.

Freshwater crawfish are omnivores and love to eat various types of plants and animals. They’re also classified as opportunistic feeders, so they’ll eat almost anything that they can find.

If something floats by them, there is a good chance that they’ll try to eat it.

Blue Crawfish

Electric blue crawfish are truly beautiful little creatures. Since they’re omnivores, they’ll eat almost any type of food that they can get their claws on.

If it sinks to the bottom of the river and enters its natural habitat, the blue crawfish will try to take a bite out of it. They’ve even been known to attack and eat small fish, which are usually ambushed while they’re sleeping.

Electric blue crayfish are considered genetic oddities. Common crayfish are colored brown. Blue crayfish are actually missing a gene, which is what produces the stunning blue color. If you have some of these little guys in captivity, you should consider feeding them sinking pellets.

A great choice would be some Tetra sinking mini-sticks, which are usually fed to ornamental goldfish.

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