What Do Deer Eat

What Do Deer Eat

Deer are gentle, beautiful creatures. If you had to describe them, it would be safe to say that they’re lovers rather than fighters. These animals are herbivores, so they enjoy eating acorns, fruits, plants and nuts.

During the fall, these types of food tend to be much scarcer, so deer will switch to eating evergreen plants and grass.

During the winter, deer prefer to eat whatever food they have available, like woody plants, bushes, twigs and leaves. The only issue with these foods is that they don’t contain a lot of nutrients, so a longer winter could result in starvation.

What Do Deer Like To Eat?

For most deer, fruit is a preferred food. They love to eat it after it has fallen to the ground. However, since fallen fruit is normally quite limited, it’s not a major portion of the diet. Some other foods that deer love to eat are flowering weeds, plants and different types of grass.

It’s not uncommon to find deer in large fields that are filled with flowers because they love to eat plants. If you want to feed deer, you’ll find that they like to eat things like rye, wheat, soybeans, sweet potatoes and beans.

They actually enjoy eating several different types of vegetables.

What Deer Eat During Winter

As the seasons change, deer will begin to eat different types of food. Your typical white-tailed deer could be eating something different every month. Since food can be harder to find during winter, these animals much take pretty much anything they can get.

Some of the best food that they can get in the winter consists of shoots, bark and buds. As summer rolls around, they’ll switch their diet to acorns, green matter and nuts.

What Deer Eat During Spring

The spring is what many people would refer to as the green-up time. This is the time when young, tender plants are starting to grow, so the food for deer becomes much more plentiful. It’s quite common for deer to be found around wood lot openings and fields.

Some popular springtime foods for deer are woody plants, such as dogwood, elm, red maple, blueberry, greenbrier, trumpet creeper and honeysuckle.

What Deer Eat During Summer

Maybe you’ve heard the expression that summer is the time of plenty. Although it might seem like the perfect feasting time, it can actually deliver a variety of problems. The intense heat that summer brings can cause plants to dry out and die.

August can be a particularly rough time for the plants that deer feed on. However, they’ll still have plenty of options to choose from. Deer love to eat fresh fruits, such as blackberries, dewberries, and huckleberries.

They also eat crops, such as most vegetable crops and soybeans. Another popular food source during summer is forbs, which includes violet, spurge, wild strawberry, skullcap and wild lettuce.

What Do White Tailed Deer Eat?

Did you know that white-tailed deer can eat as much as nine pounds of food per day? If you know where to look, you can find these animals all across North America. They prefer hardwood forests and agricultural areas.

Like humans, white tailed deer have specific food preferences. They’ll start by searching for their preferred source of food, and if they can’t find any, they’ll eat less preferred foods.

The primary diet for these animals consists of berries, shrubs, nuts and twigs. They also enjoy eating wild flowering herbs. Non-woody plants are important for the deer’s diet.

Although they do have specific preferences, white-tailed deer are opportunistic feeders, so they’re not very picky and will eat whatever is convenient.

Like other species, the white tailed deer enjoy eating nut crops, forbs, woody plants, crops and fruits.

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