What Do Minnows Eat

Minnows love to eat other aquatic creatures. A few of their favorite foods are small crustaceans, dragonfly nymphs and algae. They’ll also eat decaying organisms, along with the larvae and eggs of other types of fish.

Given their diet, you could say these guys are quite rude. Depending on their hunger level, some minnows might even eat their own eggs and larvae, so you just never know what to expect with these guys.

Due to their size, many types of minnows are captured and used as bait for larger fish. A typical minnow lives in streams, ponds and lakes. There are some species of minnows that involve the male building a nest during the spawning season.

We’re not quite sure what this has to do with food, but we’ll get to that. Minnows love to eat a variety of different foods. Many of their food sources are directly tied to their living environment. Many of the foods that a minnow can eat could be hiding out inside of your kitchen.

In The Wild

Pet minnows can eat virtually all of the foods that wild minnows can eat, but they’re less likely to be given such foods. In the wild, these small fish like to eat lots of mosquitoes. As pets, they have no problem eating blood worms.

It doesn’t matter if they’re pets or live in the wild – their diet is very important for a healthy life. In a wild environment, minnows are known to eat various types of decaying food sources. Some of their favorite menu items are saltwater shrimp, mosquitoes and algae.

Fathead Minnows

For quite some time, these little guys have been used as food or bait. In recent times, however, they’re quickly becoming a common pet. Also called, rosy-red minnows, these small fish regularly eat algae, insects and plant matter.

Since they’re opportunistic feeders, they’ll eat almost anything that they can get a hold of. They’ve been known to consume rotifers, copepods and protozoa.

Mud Minnow

Despite the name, these fish aren’t actually minnows, and they’re very closely related to pikes. There are three different mud minnow species that can be found in the United States. These fish enjoy eating crayfish, crustaceans, snail and insects.

Some of the largest like to eat small fish, and the youngest ones eat microscopic invertebrates. On average, these fish live to be about four years old.

Pet Minnows

If you’ve decided to get some pet minnows, you’re not alone. A lot of people keep them as pets, but you’ll need to know what to feed them. It’s important to realize that there are saltwater and freshwater minnows.

To keep them alive, you must feed them the correct foods. Most people choose to feed these fish what they’d naturally eat in the wild, which is a diet consisting of algae, flies, mosquitoes and small bugs.

They can also eat dead animal and plant matter. The minnows that live in saltwater tend to eat brine shrimp, but it might not be practical to offer these food options.

You can always use blood worms in place of other food sources. Make sure that the worms have been freeze dried. You can also feed pet minnows tropical fish flakes, and in many cases, they’ll also eat goldfish flakes.

Crappie Minnows

Despite the name, these fish aren’t actually crappie pets to have. They can serve as great friends and aren’t too picky. Some of their favorite foods are old cereal and bread. For the best results, you can feed your crappie minnows fish flakes.

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