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There are different jobs worldwide; for example, nurses in nursing homes, doctors in hospitals, or people in restaurants do all sorts of other jobs. With these given factors, the expected income, of course, varies. There are a lot of questions bothering us if we are qualified for a particular job or not. – can you not make it as a teacher or in an office job? Well, it all depends on your experience and qualifications, but here is a survey from US News about the best careers for 2022.

Please keep in mind that the ranking is based on a lot of factors, including:

Median Salary – The median salary is vital because most people prefer higher wages. Having a good salary is essential because it helps pay for things like the house or a car and other daily necessities.

Unemployment Rate – This data refers to the percentage of people in an occupation who are currently unemployed. It is important because a low unemployment rate indicates plenty of opportunities in that field of work.

Future Job Prospects / Room For Career Growth – Future job prospects are essential because it helps to frame a future job as something to aspire to rather than a task that a person should do to earn a living. Also, make sure you look for jobs where your skills and personality will suit your current skill set.

Stress Levels And Work-life Balance – A satisfactory work-life balance is important because you can do a great deal at work and then be free to go home and enjoy life afterward. It means there is work to do and the time to do it, says Dan Scholz, an occupational psychologist at the University of Oregon in Eugene. In general, the more people work combined with the lack of time for social or leisure activities, the greater the risks of poor work performance and stress, says Scholz.

The following occupations are rated as the finest in the world in terms of having decent income, interesting and difficult work, opportunities for growth, and a satisfactory work-life balance: